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The day has finally arrived. Since late 2018 HIT has been on a mission to grow, develop and ultimately get its product to the market. Like most companies, but even more so for start-up tech companies, the past couple of years have presented further obstacles and hurdles to push through, we have gone back into research and development mode a couple of times to ensure our product is at its optimum, taking on feedback, latest research, and findings to aid in this process, we fully believe that this path has only enhanced our product and improved its product offerings, so that it can have even more value for you in your sporting pursuit(s).


So, we are very delighted and relieved to now share our product with the world – we cannot wait to hear your feedback and most importantly influence change within concussion in Sport.

We caught up with both HIT’s Founder and CEO:

HIT Founder Euan Bowen commented:

I am delighted and partly relieved that HIT is now market ready – after the initial conception at university back in early 2018, never in a million years did I dream it would blossom into a fully-fledged company and product that’s going to change the market landscape – so I am very excited to see this next step for us as a company as we officially launch our product.

We have been working with a variety of stakeholders to get to this point, so it has been a massive team effort. This product launch means a lot to me professionally but also personally as my idea was born out of a close friend and teammate having to retire from rugby at a young age due to on-going concussions. I truly believe that our product can help continue the conversation of concussion awareness in Sport but also act as a realistic method to implement within a variety of sporting environments, all the way from grass roots sport up to elite and professional sport.

Join us in paving the way for increased athlete welfare!

HIT CEO, Andrew Wright stated:

Our journey started back in 2018 and its great to now see our hard work, dedication and visions come to fruition. This product launch day signifies many things but mostly recognising where we are and where our aspirations lie for that we hope to push forward as the leading company in this revolutionary sports tech sector, helping to manage and aid in concussion in sport.

As a massive football fan and a dad to three children I have my own personal interest in wanting to see head trauma in sport being managed and assessed with more caution, so it’s great that our product does exactly that.

It is with great pride to announce that HIT is officially on the market – we can’t wait to hear what our customers think of our product and most importantly start to influence a positive change within head trauma in Sport.

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