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HIT® Impact

HIT® Impact

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A wearable tech that links to companion app measuring and tracking head impacts in sport and recreational activities. A solution to improve impact force detection relating to concussion in sport that is multi purpose across ALL activities, for ALL ages.

  • HIT IMPACT, Head Impact Force Monitor Device, Bluetooth 4, Companion App with profile customisation, Traffic light impact severity indicator, Compatible with any hard-shell sports/activity helmet. iOS/Android Compatibility.
  • Head Impact Force Tracker. Accurate between 0-140 G-force.
  • Companion App, Bluetooth (BLE 4) connectivity, 30M range. All ages & Activities.
  • Incredible surface connection strength with VHB pad. Stick it onto any helmet, Ski, Cycle, Motocross or any other. Follow the manual for best attachment advice.  
  • Traffic Light, impact severity tracker indicating each individuals set Gforce threshold. Designed to be used as a strategy for monitoring concussive impacts, aiding in recognising: Green – minimal force, Yellow – warning, Red – large threshold impact recorded, user should check for any head trauma symptoms alongside observational methods.
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