How do I connect my device to the app?

Go to drop-down menu, ‘App & Manual Downloads’ to take you to a list of guides and manuals that will help you get downloading and connected to your HIT companion App via blutooth.

You will need to create a profile to and connect your device to use HIT.

Who is this product for?

Our V1 product is aimed at the following sports and activities; Equestrian, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Skiing, and Snowboarding. (Aimed at individual sports personnel who wear a helmet during their sporting participation).

An update for V2 will follow its release that enhances multi user tracking and will allow users to use it for team sports training with an accompanying headband or headguard. Please email Info@hitrecognition.co.uk to find out more.

Can anyone wear HIT Impact?

Yes! Designed for all ages, stages and abilities, the universal attachment is designed for a hard-shell helmet and fits on most helmets. It can be used for any age or head size.

How does the tech work?

HIT is simple, in that it monitors and records head impact force through the small ‘Impact’ device attached to your headwear or helmet. The device connects to the app which provides a traffic light warning system designating each ‘bump’ as a numerical number point on the graph, Gforce. When the user sets their threshold number prior to wear, that is the figure we are using for the RED, advised to seek further care limit. Yellow is for a large force somewhere in the middle of safe and risky, and potentially the user should take some care or rest up, we also advise people, should they amount multiple yellow figures in one wear to seek a further check/care. If you have an impact and its Green, the premise is that this is a low force impact, and you are good to continue un-restricted. You can see your recording windows through your logbook in-app to analyse and update past recordings while looking to return to play. A simple solution making unseen force visible for you to act on.

V2 incorporates GPS and memory storage which provides speed and performance analytics for the wearer which can be uploaded to STRAVA folowing your excerise. The Memory allows users to store data for up to 12 hours without a connection to your smart phone.

Is HIT Durable?

Yes, HIT is made from a durable material used often in extreme sports and weather resistant products. The material is rigid enough to protect the sensory contents and pliable enough to protect someone coming into direct contact with minimizing injury risk from wear to the wearer and contacts. After all we are measuring impacts and the device has been designed to withstand HIT after HIT.

What does it provide my child when wearing?

HIT is an impact monitor. You monitor sleep, steps heart rate and more. For users head, impacts can be risky when unreported and often show symptoms that are easily missed. HIT attaches to their helmet while playing on their bike, scooter, or other activity and sends impact recordings to your phone. Should your child fall and bump their head, HIT allows you to see instantly the force of impact received. Analyse with the traffic light system and decide if you want to take care or let them play on with the information provided. Concussions come from head impacts, and a lot of concussions go unreported. HIT recognises and indicates when large impacts are detected, and the user is clearly notified when these forces are registered. HIT is a tool to indicate when a large force is detected and the user can act on, should they choose the information.

Does HIT Impact recognise the force of impact?

Yes, Concussions can be hard and complicated to diagnose, with a lot of variables affecting how different people are affected by being HIT in the head. Factors like bone thickness, hydration, or even past diagnosis, can affect how people react. HIT recognises the force of impact allowing the user to act on but cannot detect or diagnose a concussion. This should be done by a medical professional only.

Does HIT recognise a large impact?

Yes, Concussions come from head impacts, and a lot of concussions go unreported. HIT recognises and indicates when large impacts are detected, and the user is clearly notified when these forces are registered. HIT is a tool to indicate when a large force is detected, and the user can do what they choose with the information. HIT shows data that can be missed by observation alone. The aim of HIT is to make these forces visible by removing any grey area in identifying head impacts.

Can HIT work for the greater good of Concussion?

Yes, we don’t yet know when an impact causes a concussion, we do know that impacts can cause concussions. By monitoring how severe and how often, the data collected will show trends and correlation with impacts across certain ages and activities. Because the first step in monitoring must start somewhere, that’s where HIT comes in.

Is HIT a medical tool?

No – HIT is not a medical diagnostic tool. HIT is designed to act as a strategy for concussion management, allowing you to make informed decision making. HIT aims to provide you with live time data, so that you can recognise, remove, and assess.

Is there product warranty? If so, how much and how long?

Yes, the device has a six-month manufacturing warranty. contact info@hitrecognition.co.uk for more information.

Is the device waterproof?

HIT Impact is water and dust resistant – can withstand light shower and rain. It is not suitable for watersports.

HIT+ is fully waterproof.

How do I charge my device?

V1 is a coin cell battery – with 72 hours battery life. Once depleted you will need a new off-the-shelf battery.

HIT+ comes with a charging cable attacheable to any USB plug.

Is this device and app suitable for android users?

Yes Download from the Google Play store. HERE

Where do I get the HIT app from?

You need to go onto the App store on your mobile or tablet device, search for HIT and then download it.

Do I need to be connected to WIFI for my device and app to work?

No, you can work the device and app without wifi, it connects via bluetooth. This data will then be available to download onto your computer via the cloud.

If I have any technical issues, who do I contact?

If you encounter any technical issues, please contact: (info@hitrecognition.co.uk).

Can I download my head impact / brain health record data?

Yes, HIT is cloud based, so the data is stored in the cloud, giving you easy access via app or desktop. Click the link HERE to login.

Can I leave my phone in the changing room and the app and device still works?

No – for V1 you need to ensure that you are in the radius of the device and app, so that the app can function, the product range is up to 30 meters.

HIT+ has a range of 100m+ and features device memory storage, which makes this possible. (more info to follow upon launch).

When skiing and snowboarding – does the device and app still work? (In sub – zero-degree temperatures)?

Yes, the device and app still works, but you may see a slight performance dip in the battery life.

How reliable and accurate is the actual technology in measuring impact? And does this accuracy of G-force reported on the app vary with location of head injury?

Accelerometer accurate to +/- 1 G. Location of device on the head has proven in testing to be accurate to location of head relating to severity of impact in relation to the movement of the brain.

Does the app follow the standard/accepted grades of concussion?

The app follows the standard NHS and governance symptoms for concussion identification. However, the app and device are to be used as an identifier leading to a user checking for these symptoms. HIT is a tool to go along with observation identifying when a user should check for symptoms. HIT aims to quantify and identify the 90% of concussions that do not result from loss of consciousness.

How do I connect both of my children’s devices to the app?

The app currently only supports one profile per phone.

HIT+ and app updates coming supports multi user and multi profile connection via a follower method. Follow your favorite rider or children, friends and family to be notified of location and impact severity on incident.

What does green head impact mean?

It represents an everyday sporting movement, that is not abnormal to the sport / activity

What does Amber head impact mean?

This is not normal force registered and should be met with caution, if multiple impacts recorded in amber range users should take measures as if it what a red impact.

What does Red head impact mean?

If a red threshold is detected users should use this information alongside other observational methods – users should always recognise, remove, and assess. HIT recommends that users receiving red impacts should seek medical advice and support.

How safe and secure is my personal data / GDPR compliant?

HIT is dedicated to keeping your personal data safe. HIT only collects your weight, height, age and sport anonymously, we will never collect your name which is only viewable by your personal profile, to create a heat map against the Gforce recorded, to help with preventative strategising in sport and studying the relation between impacts to the head and brain injury.

How will my app be updated for new software?

You will be prompted by your app and app store to update when latest updates become available. Both for your app and any hardware enhancements done over Bluetooth.

Do you offer discounts for larger groups or teams?

Please see our website for buying options or contact info@hitrecognition.co.uk for more information.

Has HIT conducted studies to prove how the device and app work?

Yes, we have done extensive testing with our device and app in situ, per activity. The HIT device was tested extensively in a laboratory before being tested in practice, where we collected data that created our baseline traffic light forces. Green designation forces are found from everyday lifestyle movements collated from testing showing normal forces recorded in sporting movements. Everything above is abnormal forces that are deemed out of the ordinary and increased risk of danger.

How do I secure my device to my equestrian helmet / mountain biking helmet / cycling helmet?

Using the red VHB 3M pad applied to the back of the device, simply peel the outer adhesive layer off, press and hold the device to the helmet surface for 5-10 seconds to allow for a successful strong bond. The more surface that is contacted by the adhesive, the stronger the bond to the helmet. Follow this guide for best practice.

Does attaching the HIT device affect my helmets warranty?

If in doubt check with your helmet manufacturer. The HIT device does not change the structural integrity of the helmet, and merely sticks on to the outside of the shell like most other helmet accessories or bike lights.

How heavy is the device?

HIT V1 weighs in at 45 Grams.

How big (width and height is the device?)

Length x width x height: 35x35x15mm.

My device is not Turning off!

Hold and press the button for three seconds and release. The device should flash red three times and turn off. if the problem persists, remove the battery or contact info@hitrecognition.co.uk

My device is not turning on!

Press and hold the button and release after 1 second, the device should start flashing green. If it is not your battery may have shifted or be depleted. To check remove the back of the case by getting your nail in between the small notch on the side of the case. Pull and push the battery back and forth to make sure the connection has not slipped, if it still does not turn on, please replace the battery with a CR2032 battery. Please insert back in case, look to orientate the ‘+’ icon and square notch on inside of case with the ‘+’ on the battery holder. Push firmly until you hear a soft click, clip the back of the case back on to seal the device in the case and your device should turn on correctly again.

The back of the case is not fitting on correctly!

When orientating the back case to the device, match the rectangular indent with the clasp on the battery case and press to clip together. The adhesive backing should be vertical in orientation.

I Cannot see the lights through the screen!

The circuit board is orientated incorrectly. Please see ‘my device is not turning on!’ question for tips to orientate correctly.

The device is flashing red when I turn it on?

When HIT impact is turned on, a system check is performed in the boot up process and occasionally the red-light flashes within the 30-60 second period. This is not abnormal, and your device is working as should be, simply tap the button on the device and it will turn the light off.

How do I view my head impacts data log?

You can view your data log in the app under log, located at the bottom right-hand corner of your App home screen. You will also see your primary profile overview in the bottom right window on your App Home screen also. If you have multiple users on your App, select which user you want to view log for, and use the calendar to locate the date your searching for.

How do I download my head impacts data log?

Login to www.admin.hitrecognition.co.uk with your email used to set up your profile, you will be prompted to generate a password that will be sent to your email. You will see all dates where you have logged impacts and download the specific impact data and levels.