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Our story!

Head Impact Trauma Ltd, (HIT), is a product aimed at creating a baseline and monitoring head impacts. The idea started life as a University project by our founder Euan Bowen more than 2 years ago.


Euan developed the idea into concept form in his final year at Edinburgh Napier University and now continues the vision of the company in the form of Managing Director. Based in Heriot-Watt incubator, we are focussed on bringing an inclusive use product to market that will:


head impact force by creating a baseline level of force the user is incurring and tracking ‘HIT’s throughout their playing time.


once the baseline is met, the user is then removed from play to prevent further impacts after recognition.


User will be assessed using current concussion guidelines (SCAT test) to deem their fitness to return to play.


The Product

‘HIT’ device is a wearable piece of technology that attaches to the head depending on application or sport. At initial launch HIT will look to breach the rugby sports market. This will be done by attaching to the headguard via eyelets normally used for lacing to tighten the headguard to your head shape.

People Involved

David Euan Murray Bowen:
Managing Director
Head Impact Trauma Ltd.
Product Design Graduate, Edinburgh Napier University.

Email: Euan@hitrecognition.co.uk


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The Steven Sims Cavaliers Foundation

Stewarts Melville & Heriots Lions Rugby


” Assessing concussion has always been a problematic area in contact sport but HIT, in my opinion, have designed a brilliant and simple solution.

With HIT’s product, any player who experiences a potential concussion impact will have the HIT device on their scrum-hat light up visible to other players, referees, coaches, parents and guardians.

This simple design will enable players to be safely removed from the game and treated accordingly in line with Scottish Rugby concussion guidelines.

It’s brilliant!! ”

Finlay Calder OBE, British & Irish Lions Captain 1989

HIT Recognition Device

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