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Approximately 90% of concussions do not result in loss of consciousness.

This means that the vast majority of concussions occur without the individual experiencing a period of unconsciousness.

While loss of consciousness can sometimes accompany a concussion, it is not a universal symptom, and many concussions manifest with other signs and symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, confusion, nausea and sensitivity to light or noise. Therefore, it's essential to recognise and address the full range of concussion symptoms to ensure appropriate diagnosis and management.

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Created by experts, tested by professionals and made for everyone. To protect and guide you through head impact traumas.

The HIT Device detects head impacts in real-time, giving you an early indication of a possible concussion, taking the uncertainty out of an invisible injury. HIT’s product can be used by professionals and amateurs, by people of all ages, and is multi-sport compatible.

Concussions can be hard and complicated to diagnose, with a lot of variables impacting how different people are affected by a head impact. Factors like bone thickness, hydration, or even past diagnosis, can affect how people react. HIT recognises the force of impact allowing the user to act on this.

  • Reduced Risk of Further Injury

    Further exposure to head trauma during physical activity can exacerbate concussion symptoms and prolong recovery time.

  • Rest and Recovery

    Resting the brain and avoiding cognitive and physical exertion in the acute phase of injury can help alleviate symptoms and promote faster healing.

  • Avoidance of Secondary Complications

    Prompt removal from play reduces the likelihood of secondary complications associated with concussion, such as post concussion syndrome.

  • Timely Evaluation & Treatment

    Prompt assessment allows for the implementation of appropriate treatment strategies, such as cognitive rest and symptom management.

  • Gradual Return to Activity

    Resume sports participation in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of symptom recurrence and support a quicker return to full activity.

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Tested by Professionals


Our professional athletes have been using the device to put it to the test in their real life sports. From Skiing to Mountain Biking and Road Cycling, meet our professional athletes.


HIT recognises and indicates when large impacts are detected, and the user is clearly notified when these forces are registered. The HIT App shows data that can be missed by observation alone such as impact and rotational force. The aim is to make these forces visible by removing any grey area in identifying head impacts.

HIT+ devices not only measure head impact but also provide performance metrics such as time, distance, lines, maps, and speed with our superior GPS tracking.

By knowing when to push your limits and when to take a break, you can prevent head injuries and improve your overall performance.

  • HIT Companion App

    ✔️ Built in concussion symptom checker to help you check your symptoms immediately.
    ✔️ View metrics such as time, distance, lines, maps, and speed with our superior GPS tracking.
    ✔️ In the worst cases, HIT can help you make contact with your emergency contact should you be unable to ride.
    ✔️ Our app will also incorporate a return to riding concussion protocol, serving as the complete head injury solution.

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  • Concussion, concussion technology, head impact detection, HIT, companion app for head impact
  • Concussion, concussion technology, head impact detection, GPS, HIT, companion app for head impact
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✔️ Best In Class GPS
✔️ 22 Hours of Storage
✔️ Easily Transfer Between Multiple Helmets
✔️ Highly Durable & Waterproof
✔️ Integration with STRAVA
✔️ Tested by professional athletes
✔️ 6 month warranty
✔️ 30 day satisfaction guarantee

What The Experts Say

Concussion, concussion technology, head impact detection, HIT, companion app for head impact

Prof Angus Hunter, 2022

“There is a greater understanding amongst the medical community that brain injuries are caused by impacts to the head but they also recognise there is no current solution to track frequency and magnitude of these impacts.”

Boston Medical, 2022

“Only 10% of concussions result from loss of consciousness. All impacts, event the smallest, with no way to track increases the risk of undiagnosed, unmonitored impacts to the head resulting in long term side effects and confusion in returning from a head injury... 10,000G’s significantly increases risk of CTE in later life.“ READ MORE

UK Government DCMS Inquest, July 21

“In grassroots sport the tracking of injuries and therefore the potential to identify long-term impacts on the brain is almost entirely lacking”.