Is a wearable tech that links to companion app measuring and tracking head impacts in sport and recreational activities. A solution to improve impact force detection in sport that is multi purpose across ALL activities, for ALL ages.

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HIT Impact Device

athletes will suffer a concussion

only 10% of concussions result from loss of consciousness

sports & recreation related concussions each year.

people admitted annually to hospital with a head injury


HIT aims to make sport & recreation safer 

HIT is a small wearable device attachable to the wearers head by way of a pocket in our own headguard and Halo headband, or by sticking it to the outside of a hard shelled helmet for Cycling and/or other usage. It connects to a companion app showing live head impact G Force and warns the user/ coach/parent when an impact above a settable threshold is met. Its a tool to work with observation methods and indicate when a user has received a large impact and should be checked for Concussive symptoms or seek further medical analysis. 



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BioMedical Engineering Intern



Founder & Managing Director



Product & Content Coordinator




When an impact of > 60G-force, or alternative threshold ‘set by user’, is meaured by the device. The app and device send notifcations that a significant and risky impact has been recorded. The app notifies the user or guardian/coach that said user has incurred such an impact and that further attention should be taken. The user has all the control and can act however they choose…. 


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