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HIT Twist & Click Universal Attachment 5 Pack

HIT Twist & Click Universal Attachment 5 Pack

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Pack of 5. (Available with HIT+ Launch)

Universal attachment compatible with your HIT+ device

Twist and Click your HIT+ device onto any helmet in seconds.

Simply stick the attachment to the rear of your helmet by peeling the VHB tape cover off and pressing to a clean, dry surface of the helmet shell. 


* ABS Plastic

* VHB Tape LSE-110WF


Whats included:

5 x  HIT Twist & Clip attachments

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Register your interest now. Launching Summer 2024.

Maximize your safety with HIT Connect.

  • Advanced G Force and Rotational Force sensors
  • Automatic data download
  • Instant impact recognition and risk analysis
  • 100m Bluetooth range
  • 24-hour memory storage
  • Rechargeable battery life
  • Compatibility with upcoming HIT headbands and headguards
  • Perfect for all levels, ages, and activities.

Size (mm): 38 x 27 x 7mm

  • A World First

    Created by experts, tested by professionals
    and made for everyone. To protect and guide you through head impact traumas.

  • The HIT Device detects head impacts in real-time, giving you an early indication of a possible concussion, taking the uncertainty out of an invisible

  • HIT’s product can be used by professionals and amateurs, by people of all ages, and is multi-sport compatible.

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