The Product

HIT Recognition Device

‘HIT’ device is a wearable piece of technology that attaches to the head depending on application or sport.

The Product

‘HIT’ device is a wearable piece of technology that attaches to the head depending on application or sport. At initial launch HIT will look to breach the rugby sports market. This will be done by implementing the device into our own headguard via a pocket design.

Concussion and later life diseases are becoming more common in retired athletes and research shows repeated head impacts are most likely the issue. In youth rugby, headguards are not mandatory but common due to the slight protection they have against bumps and cuts. It is foreseeable for these to become mandatory in the near future. With all this research head knocks often go unmanaged and unrecognized in contact sport. HIT set out to make these hits recognisable and monitor the repeated high impact acceleration change in these instances. With research pointing towards head guards becoming mandatory in rugby union HIT developed an attachment to be used in conjunction with a headguard to indicate when a large impact occurred by illuminating.

HIT illuminates when impacted by a force change of a selected level. This occurs to identify that the player has both occurred such a force and to indicate that the user should be removed and assessed for any concussive symptoms. The device is designed to be as unobtrusive to the user as possible so that they will not change their habits of play.

While aiming to not interfere with the players, the devices provision of data to medical staff, referees and coaches aims to alter the way players brain health is monitored.  An app is in development to provide live action updates of impacts occurred throughout the time of wear. We hope to provide this data alongside performance data to see if drops and peaks in performance correlate to head impacts occurrence.

Testing of the product is aimed for spring/summer 2020 with release aimed at late 2020.

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, Testing has been posponed to late 2020 cry

HIT Recognition Device

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