The Product

Is a wearable tech that links to companion app measuring and tracking head impacts in sport and recreational activities. A solution to improve impact force detection in sport that is multi purpose across ALL activities, for ALL ages.

HIT Impact Is an innovative impact detection device that universally clips onto any helmet or HIT host detecting G-Force by the device arrangement. Taking a calculation of the combined x, y and z axis to produce an easy to understand singular g force interpretation number for the user to see via the HIT companion app, allows for users to take a reading of Head impact force or wherever the device is located on the body.

The Impact device is attachable directly to the head of any helmet or guard. The universal connection provides an indication of the impact received at the exact moment it happened and let the user know when a significant impact has been recorded.


Head impacts are often missed in the moment of play for any number of reasons going unchecked. Where HIT helps is to create a visual cue when a large impact force is recorded to the device. Creating a visual with the red flashing from the device, and notification from the app highlights a clear interpretation of the inflicted force. 

This allows for a clear image of impact force received by the person to then take caution should they choose to do so. ‘Impact’ does not give you a concussion diagnosis on the impact received, but is a tool to help the user educate themselves on impact force levels and take precautions should they choose to when a large ‘threshold’ impact is received.

HIT Companion App

The device connects to our companion app, available on android and iOS app stores. We utilise a traffic light system on our app acting as an early warning notification for the user of the level of impact force recorded by the impact Device. Green for low impact, Yellow for medium force impact and red for Threshold force and above. The basis that high impacts need to be received with caution by the user in continued exercise.  

 The impact device will also flash red on the back of the players head to indicate that a threshold force has been received as a visual cue for all persons in visual radius of user. If multiple yellow impacts are received by the user then you can see and act on those impacts should you choose to as if you had received a red indication. 

Disclaimer: HIT is not a medical device and does not claim to tell or prompt users to check for concussion or any other similar head injuries, but only for recording impact force detected by the location of the arrangement wherever placed on or off the body. What the user chooses to do with the information provided is entirely

their own.


Each recording is logged and stored under your user profile, customized with age, weight, height, sport, position and allows each user to choose their impact threshold. The user can, based on their age or activity, have the freedom to adjust the threshold to your choosing. We set a recommended G-force level, but you have the freedom to adjust and record what you want, making HIT entirely tailored for the ultimate accuracy to you. 

Each log has the 60 highest impacts recorded during wear. The user will be asked to if they want to check a yes or no question for symptoms or keep an eye out depending on the levels of their impact data. This allows you to keep track of and control your impact recordings. You determine if you fill in the post activity questionnaire to provide information on how you feel relating to the impact force data recorded. The data provided is for you personally when playing or taking part in any activity. HIT records and presents real time data to make impact force visible for you. HIT is not a medical device that can be utilised as a concussion identifier. HIT captures impact force data wherever you place it relating to the readings directly to the impact detection arrangement.


HIT as a wearable tech has to adhere to strict regulations and certification. With our partners we have acquired the relevant certification for HIT Impact. Tested by TÜV SÜD for the following. FCC section 15 approval and registration. UKAS/IECEE.

HIT Recognition Device

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