Hear from some of our users

“Thank you for what you’re doing, head injuries are the biggest part of MTB I find and last year a mate of mine had a real bad one and I wish he had something like HIT to record it”

Sam Prescott

After using it for a few weeks it’s nice to have it watching over you. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in riding and pushing to the same extent if I didn’t have HIT.

Laurie Tennant

Such a great device! I wish I had this device earlier. I have had multiple serious concussions through out my rugby career and before the effects of concussion were identified. It would have removed a lot of uncertainty around when to continue and when to remove myself. I am so glad I can use this device now as I know my tolerance for head impact is much more sensitive than that of others. As I pursue other things like mountain biking its that extra insurance I need. Understanding head knocks in greater detail will help to protect young aspiring athletes for the future.

Nick McCashin

Very interesting head impact force tracker connects to phone via bluetooth. It can track head impacts in sport and recreational activities. You can clip it onto a cycle helmet, for example, and can detect the level of impact G-Force. This is extremely easy to read and i really like the traffic light system to warn the wearer of potential risky behaviours and those impacts. The G-Force measured is 0-140 G, waterproof and has a 72 hour battery life between charges. So if you’re boxing, horse riding, motor-cross, extreme cycling, skiing and any activity where you may fall, then this device is a great safety addition. Great easy to use app and i am really happy to recommend this tech device


“The Impact Device by HIT is an essential piece of kit, attachable to any helmet it provides me with great information to help keep me safe. Linked seamlessly with the mobile app, in seconds I am ready to hit the slopes. Also, the early notification feature gives me great piece of mind. I cannot recommend this product enough!”

Fraser MacDonald

Recreational Skier & Snowboarder

“I suffered a concussion years ago in basketball and one recently riding and honestly the effect on your head is scary! You can never take it too seriously”.

Chris Scott

“With the continuing high speeds many pro bikers experience now, high impact crashes and concussions are inevitable. HIT helps me take the second guessing out if I have a heavy fall or a big impact. The colour coded system on the app helps me make the right decision to either continue riding, sit it out or seek medical attention. Bringing concussion protocol in sport to the forefront is a must. Well done to Head Impact Trauma for starting the wave.”

Jake Ebdon

Pro Rider

“I hit my head a few weeks back and had concussion symptoms for a few days. I think it’s a bit scary cause you cant really see it like a wound or a broken bone. Like there is no way to really measure it until now”


As a Mum in a mountain biking family, I was really interested to hear about the HIT device and the potential it has to identify head trauma. How often do we pick our children up, dust them off and send them on their way again? Over the last 5 years, we have gone through several full face helmets which were binned after suffering both minor and not so minor crash damage. It would be good to know what the cumulative effect on my boys’ brains has been and as research continues, what effects can be sustained long term. And it’s not just about bikes either – I was a keen horse rider in my younger days and have just picked it up again now, mainly concentrating on schooling, dressage and happy hacks. However, although I’m not clearing high fences on a regular basis, I still know that all of that bouncing will inevitably mean some quantity of inter-cranial stress and this device is perfect to understand what a tolerable amount could look like. I’m really excited by this product and where it can lead in the future. The more we all understand about the long-term implications of head impacts, the better off we will be. 


“This brilliant little device helps take away the guess work in some of the most important situations in riding and racing. You can never take your head too serious, with the HIT device connected its great to get feedback and data linked direct to your phone and blinkers flashing on the device for all occasions whether thats just riding in general or in the case of a crash. Amazing to see where the device has come and the potential for the future as it gets better known and hopefully becomes a mandatory in racing and safety”.

Matt Stuttard

Pro MTB Rider