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Our Partners

The Steven Sims Cavaliers Foundation are delighted to partner with HIT to tackle the issue of concussion in Scottish youth rugby. 

Identifying when young players experience an impact that could result in concussion has always been a problematic area but HIT, in our opinion, have designed a brilliant and simple solution. 

With HIT’s product, the player who experiences a potential concussion impact will have the HIT device on their scrum hat light up which will be visible to other players, referees, coaches and parents. This simple design will enable players to be safely removed from the game and treated accordingly in line with Scottish Rugby concussion guidelines that we also support and endorse.

HIT and the Cavaliers be working together in 2019 to test and deploy this new technology to youth rugby clubs in Scotland which could transform the way coaches, referees, fellow youth players and parents identify and prevent serious concussion injuries.

Read their story here https://www.cavaliers.foundation/

Hearts + Balls was conceived in 1999 when a player from the Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh suffered a serious spinal injury that left him paralysed.

Having run a highly successful appeal, Lismore decided to widen its support to cover other players impacted by serious injury or illness. Thus, Hearts + Balls came into being with the aim of ‘helping rugby help its own’.

HIT is extremely motivated in our partnership with a shared goal of making rugby a safer environment for players in prevention and support of major injuries.

Read more about Hearts & Balls here: https://www.heartsandballs.org.uk/

Stewarts Melville & Heriots Lions Rugby:

We are delighted to support Stew Mel/Heriots Lions youth rugby teams as our first youth rugby partner. This partnership is the first of many in collecting data and having parents and youth coaches have their say when talking about the development of Concussion prevention and recognition.

Smart PA

SmartPA have been collaborating with HIT since its infancy providing assistance in the form of help with grant applications, call handling, website support and diary coordination to ensure that it hits it off by presenting a professional image potential investors, clients and sport aficionados. HIT engaged SmartPA as it was looking for localised support in Edinburgh, but with also a international presence as it takes its product to market and may need cross time zone in the future.



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