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HIT, is a product aimed at creating a baseline for monitoring head impacts. The idea started life as a University project by our founder Euan Bowen more than 2 years ago.

Our Story

Playing Rugby, you see the effects head impacts have on fellow players. The only protection products on the market are your universal Mouthguard and padded headguard which not everyone wears. By providing a device that can be easily worn to simplify the identification of head force change will rapidly grow our knowledge and safety appeal to young players while making the game safer for our next generation of athletes”.

A Design conceived by our founder Euan Bowen who started HIT as his major project at university over two years ago. He identified a glaring issue at youth and grassroots rugby level in seeing the duty of care that came with identifying head knocks during play. The initial solution he derived was to add a piece of coloured tape on the players wrist  when the coach suspected they had received a large impact. A very simple solution had a major flaw, what constitutes a large impact needing checked as each player reacts differently? Gaining access to players while the game is being played, was also proving difficult without stopping the game.
A solution was to utilize tech to monitor and identify user impact levels throughout the game in live time, being able to identify from the touchline and not interrupt the game constantly. Here HIT was conceived!
  1. Recognise – head impact force by creating a baseline level of force the user is incurring and tracking ‘HIT’s throughout their playing time.
  2. Remove – once the baseline is met, the user is then removed from play to prevent further impacts after recognition.
  3. Assess – User will be assessed using current concussion guidelines (SCAT test) to deem their fitness to return to play.

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People Involved:

David Euan Murray Bowen:
Managing Director of Head Impact Trauma Ltd.
Product Design Graduate, Edinburgh Napier University.

Email: Euan@hitrecognition.co.uk

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